A Little Fashion Faux Pas…

Just thought I’d join Tuesday hate club and release my anger into a little blog and a little reminising….

A blog from the list I made in the early days of things I thought would be interesting to a) write about and b) read about (for others of course!!).

So I thought I’d recount the old days where I thought I knew what style was….when really I just wore what was all the rage, not really considering how it would look on me, and whether it would even suit me. I think I’ll go for three worst (ever) outfits I have worn that were as bad as I thought…and three worst (ever) outfits I have worn that were actually now looking back, kinda cool!

Three Actual Worst Outfits:

1. Pale pink t-shirt, red canvas skirt, white dap trainers - reading this you wouldn’t think it was that bad. The down side being that having been given £20 by my dad to go shopping with my step sister, she then proceded to buy the exactly same outfit and we both wore them to dinner that night. Everyone must have been looking at us thinking what plonkers we were. And she was.

2. Black shorts, black tights, black long boots with white shirt and red braces - channeling my Avril Lavigne look I think…not really sure what I was thinking!

3. Wide leg flared trousers - These beauties were purchase whilst on a school trip to France age 11. My mum wouldn’t let me have a pair, so while freedom was running through my veins I took advantage and ran into Tammy Girl and bought a pair! I wore them with everything. Even when I got home and showed my mum, she still couldn’t get them off me. They even had a fake chain running from the waist band to the pocket - but I wasn’t cool enough to pull it off so I quickly removed it!

Three Worst Outfits (that were actually kinda cool):

1. Hot Pink distressed Miss Sixty jeans, white vest with large pink glittery rose with pink studded Buffalo trainers - I must add that I was around 12-13 years old at this point in time, and my mum had picked up the jeans from a shop in Puerto Banus, Marbella. I absolutely loved loved loved them. I just wanted to wear them all the time. And from what I remember I actually wore them to a school disco and got some attention from the boys which I obviously hated(!). Looking back, the jeans were pretty cool. I think I still have them somewhere, though I’m not sure they would fit over my volumptuous bottom now…hmmmm.

2. Black trousers, black boned boob tube with silver glittered stilettos - So I was probably about 16-17 at this point, and it was all the rage to wear jeans or a demin skirt or a little skimpy dress out to Saturday night parties…but I thought I’d buck the trend and go trousers! Looking at the photos now, it was a great look! Although my friends thought I was a little mad to not want to get my legs out at every opportunity I got!

3. Short black skirt, white shirt, tie, v-neck jumper, long socks to the knee and Dr Martin shoes - Yes. I’ll admit it. This was my school uniform. At the time I remember the comments such as “where are your socks from” *snigger snigger*….but now, I think I was actually pretty cool. I have upgraded since to red DMs over the standard black, but have been thinking that my winter purchase should be a burgandy leather pair. Hmmmm….

So that’s all for this (acutally pretty mild and I’m kinda shocked it’s not raining) Tuesday in Wales…



To Tumblr or not to Tumblr…

So after a long anticipated new years resolution I decided to make myself a blog, get my creative juices flowing and attempt to read some truely original voices from the big world…

I think somehow I mis judged this fair Tumblr world…as all is not quite as it seems.

As I sometimes, every now and theyn flick through my ‘news feed’ to see what my fellow bloggers have been doing, it seems all people do is post, share and reblog photos and gifs of random s**t. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to see a skinny girl posing her ass off as much as the next guy/girl, but really there are only so many times I like to see the same photo. Join Instagram, post photos as much as you like. Join Tumblr….write you dumb asses. Share your life and experiences, give people something to be thoughtful about.

I thought Tumblr was about original, unique people. It seems not.

As much as I dislike viewing the same photo/inspirational quote over and over, I have to say I have stumbled across some inpirational and funny writers out there (dare I say the true reason to blog)… #oneweekontinder is a fave. The stories of tinder dating (and actual words) is truely funny! #onetwentyfive is also a good one…a Canadian posting about her love, life and weight issues. Everyone likes to snoop on other peoples lives.

I suppose the reason for this rant is for anyone reading to really take the hint and get writing!
It’s not all about the photos….(it is a little I admit…but for the right ones)

Rant Over. Soz.


March went and April came…

So it’s been a little while since I’ve written here. Actually it’s been an age since I’ve had any time whatsoever to do anything apart from work, eat and sleep.

We’re into April now, and I just can’t believe the clocks have changed already, the evenings are lighter and the days are becoming warmer. I really cannot wait until Summer now. Bring on the long evenings sat in the Sun, drinking wine, beer, cocktails, and chatting with good friends in my new garden! My days of going out are numbered…but nights in are the way forward! And I just can’t wait!

On the plus side I’ve just returned from the fair city of Dublin in Ireland Town. A mere four days away with the boyf. A weekend of being tourists. We visited the following places:
- Kilmainhaim Gaol
- Guinness Brewery
- Jamesons Distillery
- A City Bus Tour
- Dublin City Castle
- Christchurch Cathedral
and…….many a fair Dublin pub!

The city is lovely, if a little smelly and touristy, but the Irish people are so friendly to a fellow Celt and the food is filled with Guinness. What more could you want?!

It’s back to work for me now….looking forward to the weekend already. Dog sitting time! I’ll be sure to load some pics of the beautiful Dalmation I’ll be looking after and the beach walks we’ll inevitably have!

Over and out ye fair sun lovers.


An Old Man Once Said….

It’s Friday. And boy am I happy this week is over. I’ve had a really ad hoc week this week, the company I work for had arranged for me to go out to a client to complete a report on their processes, but it wasn’t arranged properly, so for the majority of the week I’ve just been scraping the barrell for things to do. And reading. A LOT. Not that this bothers me.

This week will no doubt be a quiet one…this little house of ours is draining money already! But I just cannot wait until things go through! It’s really sunny outside today, and all I want to do is grab a beer and sit outside and get some colour in my cheeks (if this Welsh sun even know’s how to do this!). It’s actually a balmy 15 degrees! Who’da though it in March?!

The one big thing that is happening this weekend is the big one. Wales vs England, 6 nations penultimate game. Boy I’m excited!! An old man once called these teams together some 100 years ago and said it would be good. And boy it was. Even though the game is on a Sunday. Good things lie ahead!!

Next week I have the first course for the first exam I will sit in June for my professional qualifications. I’m actually really looking forward to it! It will be nice to do something different for a week. And to meet some new people. I do love a good chin wag with new people. And learning. What a good week lies ahead!

On the plus side, just saw two magpie’s fly by my window…joyous times are a’coming!


Where did last week go…

So it’s Tuesday again, and even though I said I was going to post every day last week…I just did not have time!

My working week was a little slow to start with, and then it completely took off and toward the end I was working my butt off to get my report completed (I still had to do a little work yesterday sssshhhh…the boss doesn’t need to know that!!). But it was submitted on time, and now I’m onto the next one!

My weekend was good, nice and quiet for once as I didn’t actually have any plans to go out/meet friends/drink too much/family time…the only thing I did do was sit for two lovely little doggies. This means lots of love and attention and walkies! I love walkies! I was actually quite sad to leave them and come home on Sunday.

I’ve also decided that taking inspiration from Radio 2 this week, I’m going to complete a short story of 500 words…just for fun. My writing inspriation is quite high at the moment, and I’m feeling like all I want to do is write. So watch this space…


Tuesday is Happening…

I feel like it’s a week for a blog a day this week. My work isn’t going well today as my mind is elsewhere and my work has found me bogged down in numbers (which I hate!)…I thought I’d left maths behind at School and here I am working in an industry that means I review cash flow forecasts, balance sheets, lending gearing, investment portfolios and reconciliations on a daily basis. But I won’t bore you with that!!

Tuesday has in fact been a good day (minus the lack of work motivation)…we found out we can be accepted for a mortgage! Yay! So tomorrow…we may be offering on the house :-) This has made me so happy…I will finally be able to have my own house, with a space of my own that I can decorate how I like (with the approval of the other half of course)!!!

The most bizarre thing of this week so far though, is that I’ve been working in Swansea, a city down in the South of Wales about an hour away from where I live (rubbish commute!!) and I have seen some strange things on my journey’s to work so far. Yesterday I saw a man walking down the street wearing a snorkle and goggles. Yes you did read that right, snorkle and goggles. So very weird. Then today, I saw a man wearing not one, but two caps. Each a different angle. Maybe it will be a week for weird headwear. I’ll keep you posted.

On the plus side I now have 20 followers…yay!!
I’m not sure you will all find my ramblings interesting but hopefully you won’t leave me…#feelingloved

So in the words of Buggs Bunny (as I’m clocking off early…ssssshh) that’s all folks!


I don’t like Mondays….

It’s Monday. I really dislike Mondays. There really is nothing good about Mondays. I’m sure people moan more on a Monday. People eat more on a Monday. And morale is at a total low on a Monday. I can’t say I hate Mondays. Mondays do produce good things…sometimes.

I’ve done little work this Monday, which therefore means tomorrow I will have to do more work to make up for the fact that I’ve dossed about, browsed the internet and played games on my phone to avoid the inevitable work that comes with Mondays. And now it’s almost 4.30 and I’m writing a blog to avoid more work before I head home at 5pm! Yay.

One good thing about Monday’s is, Monday is swimming night! Less that 4 months until my big open water swimming extravaganza!! I’m super excited. So I’m swimming twice a week at the moment, attempting to get back into shape to be able to swim 2.1km in open water in the Thames in the Summer….I’m also toying with swimsuit vs wetsuit. It’s a big decision…but that’s for another blog.

This weekend has been good - V day was (of course) a let down, all that nonsensical fuss for your other half to tell you they love you, when really they should be telling you anyway! So we went out for a meal yesterday (Sunday) instead…and it was lovely.
Saturday we went for dinner at a friend’s new house…and it made me think about how much I want a house of my own…to be able to decorate how I want and buy the things I want and do all the things I want would just be bliss.
So……..we went to see a house. TO BUY! And we LOVED it! Loved it so much that today we contacted a Mortgage Advisor and we’re waiting for find out if that figures all add up, we did some research on property prices in the area and taking all into consideration…we may be putting in an offer =) watch this space…..

So Monday wasn’t that bad afterall…..